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              CN·Business Strategy
              Three Core Businesses: Resource Recycling as the Core and Material Innovation as the Support
              CN·Sustainable Development
              R&D for Green Development and Innovation for a Sustainable Future
              Established in 2004 and located in Shanghai’s Yangpu District, Shanghai CN Science and Technology Co. Ltd. (“CN Sci & Tech”) has two wholly-owned subsidiaries – Chizhou CN New Material Technology Co., Ltd. and Anhui CN Recycling Technology Co., Ltd. Our total assets have exceeded 800 million RMB and the annual output is standing at 1.5 billion RMB.
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              Established in 2010 and located in Anhui Province’s Chizhou High-Tech Industrial Park, Chizhou CN New Material Technology Co., Ltd. (“Chizhou CN”) covers an area of 235 mu and has a treatment center with an annual handling capacity of 200,000-ton solid waste and hazardous waste.

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              Established in 2017, Anhui CN Recycling Technology Co., Ltd. plans to develop a project of lithium battery material recycling. The three-phased project will cover 500 mu and is expected to recycle 200,000-ton lithium batteries on an annual basis. This signifies that CN is further improving its new energy lithium battery recycling system, for a crucial big step forward for the development of the entire group.
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              For Clients’ Stronger Competitiveness. For Better Recycling, Better Environment and Better Future.